Due to a number of events, the Spartans Staff team has decided to fire musta from the Spartans Gaming administration board.


Mustapha tends to be offline all the time, sleep over events, and ghost us when we need him. His power-hungry egoistic ass has kept the minecraft server console/dashboard for himself, and every time we need an addition/update on the server, we have to go through a process that may last for days or even weeks just to get in touch with him.

2. Bullying

Mustapha is really rude and likes to bully our staff members. He also makes political jokes, and encourages racist acts such as slavery.

3. Literally destroying our member’s lifes

Mustapha insisted in doing a mc java account giveaway. We thought he was just feeling generous, but little did we know that he just wanted to act on his perverted pedophile fantasies. Instead of making the giveaway’s winner day, he destroyed his life.

It was a hard decision, but musta had to stop. We had to stop this madness to protect the values and the future of the Spartans Gaming Discord Server.


MaximeT9, CEO

Izuno, Admin & Faggot

Aloy26, Admin

Leo, Admin

Lydia 4, Lydia 4


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